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Ocean Institute of Audio Technology, D-6-3, Level 6 Sri Damansara Business Park, Persiaran Industri
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About Ocean Institute of Audio Technology

Ocean Institute of Audio Technology (OIAT) was set up in November 1991 to offer post secondary education in Audio Engineering and Music Production. The rationale behind the setting up of the Institute is to address the lack of quality audio training facilities in Malaysia. At the same time, the growth experience by industries such as broadcasting, advertising, music and entertainment has created a large demand for skilled and semi-skilled personnel whom the Institute hopes to train through its programs.

The Institute, its programs and courses, are fully approved and licensed by the Ministry of Education. Apart from this, the programs offered are also accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

For many years, in the music publishing industry, and industries related to it, a separate specialist would have been employed to complete each necessary step in the composition, recording, mixing etc. of a project. Now new standards have been developed in the international music scene. A new breed of versatile musician/ engineer/ composer now exists who is capable of combining the skills of each process to provide finished products faster and more economically than before.

Audio Engineering is the field of controlling sound either in a performance, recording or production. This is a vocation that is traditionally learned through watching and listening to others, and it includes some elements of trial and error. As such, it would normally take a person many years to master the skills.

With the increasing demand for quality sound and the rapid technological advancements in the industry, the need for even better qualified personnel with a comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques has become increasingly evident. With these demands being placed upon the modern Audio Engineer, the importance of a formal education becomes paramount. OIAT is thus established to by-pass the previously time consuming and costly traditional processes, as well as to provide an avenue for formal training in this field.

The Institute believes that sophisticated equipment is only as good as the people behind it, thus the programs offered by the Institute encompass both the theoretical and practical aspects necessary. Under the guidance of eminent professionals from the industry, and experienced staff members, students of the Institute have the opportunity to work with up-to-date equipment in an atmosphere designed to stimulate and encourage creative talents. The programs offered also allow maximum flexibility to enable those already working to seek further education.