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DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia, Lot 1449, PT 2204, Peramu Jaya Industrial Area
26607 Pekan Pahang

About DRB-HICOM University of Automative Malaysia

DRB-HICOM University (DHU) is owned by HICOM University College Sdn. Bhd (HUCSB), a subsidiary wholly owned by DRB-HICOM Berhad. With the approval from The Ministry of Higher Education, DHU was officially established on 2 April 2010.

As the largest fully integrated automotive corporation in the country, DRB-HICOM is involved in numerous automotive supply chain activities which include manufacturing of automotive components, vehicle assembly and distribution, after-sales support and services and vehicle inspection. The companies within the Group have collaborated with international automotive players such as Audi, Honda, Isuzu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

DHU serves two major roles. As a private educational institution, DHU is committed to produce a cadre of skilled professionals to join the workforce in the automotive sector. It also serves as an institution which enables the DRB Group of Companies workers to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge. Complementing the automotive industry through sustainable development of human capital is the primary goal of DHU’s establishment. With the recent change to university status, DHU is now equipped to deliver tertiary education and undertake research at an international level. The focus of our teaching has broadened to include all aspects of automotive-related education and research. DHU plays an active role in the Group vision in realising the national aspiration of creating a knowledgeable and skilful workforce as prescribed in the New Economic Model by providing a continuous flow of trained and skilled workers to the Malaysian automotive industry.

This vision includes the goal of making Pekan, the home of DHU and the DRB-HICOM automotive complex, a vibrant and self-sustaining regional automotive centre, which houses state-of-the-art technology with a highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional workforce.