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UCSI University, Bukit Khor, PT 11065, Mukim Rusila
21600 Marang Terengganu

About UCSI University (Kuala Terengganu)

UCSI University is proud of its Kuala Terengganu Campus. Located on the beautiful east coast of Malaysia, the state-of-the-art campus is designed to be a leading praxis centre of education and learning for various disciplines.

At UCSI University Kuala Terengganu Campus, we educate and nurture future doctors, businessmen and women, English teachers and early childhood practitioners to be experts and leaders in their field.

Students and staff make up a part of the UCSI learning community which is equipped with distinctive, ambitious and responsive programmes.

Together, we collaborate with local institutions to fulfill the University's social obligations and make a meaningful difference to the local communities. We transform individuals from all walks of life into extraordinary individuals with integrity, professionalism, values and a desire to contribute to society.

Students learn and grow in a supportive learning environment on a 56-acres campus stretch, inspired by the natural beauty of Kuala Terengganu – a state in Malaysia renowned for its sandy white beaches, exotic islands and exquisite sceneries. The UCSI University Kuala Terengganu Campus is an experience not to be missed. Come and join us!