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Stamford College Malacca, 148 -150 Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho
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About Stamford College Malacca

So many higher education institutions to choose from. It is really not easy to make a decision unless you are already very sure of what you want. When you choose to join us either as a student, parent or staff, you are choosing to be a part of our Stamford community and our rich heritage in private higher education. You are in good hands with us.

Our experience and heritage

More than 200,000 students have passed through our doors since 1950 and we are still busy churning out more! If you haven’t read our story, click here (link).

Quality programmes at affordable fees

We are proud of our reputation as a storied education institution and will only offer you programmes in which we are confident of their quality and affordability. Our partners are established institutions from countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia. We are always in constant pursuit of our mission to make education more affordable and accessible to more people.

Caring and dedicated staff

From academic to operations staff, our people are eager to welcome you into our community. You will find that our staff are friendly, helpful and sincere in ensuring your time with Stamford is a fruitful learning experience.

Skills development and career advice

Think all it takes to succeed in the real world is just a degree? Think again. Soft skills such as interpersonal and communication skills increasingly play a pivotal role in determining your future success, and so does a good command of the languages, especially English. At Stamford, we make the effort to help you develop such skills and to provide career advice to guide you in forging a career path.

Make friends with international cultures

If you can’t go abroad to experience the different international cultures, we bring the world to you. Our international students hail from more than 35 different countries, which should provide a varied learning environment and an excellent opportunity for you to understand other cultures. Right here at Stamford College, you will learn to communicate and deal more effectively with people from other cultures.