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About Optima International College

This portal is an overview of OPTIMA. Whether you are already our student, a potential student, a potential collaborative partner (Institutional or/and Industry), or just interested in education, you will find some useful information here.
At OPTIMA, our goal is to provide quality education that is relevant to the economy and industry while meeting the aspirations of our students and working professionals. We seek to create a conducive and stimulating environment that encourages total development, continuous improvement and life-long learning. Join us in our endeavor to transform career driven, global outreach education for the future.

Established in 1998, OPTIMA, a significant contributor to the field of para-professional education in Malaysia especially for the Hospitality Industry. OPTIMA's strength has been the Hospitality Programme.

Our students undergo a learning system that is holistic, equipping them with life skills and relevant knowledge that can keep them in good stead as they join the workforce.

We have integrated a e learning component as a value add for our students. OPTIMA Virtual Learning (OVL) was designed and launched by the new management team to provide a open and distance learning possibility for all our students and also this will allow the parents/guardians and future employers to access and understand our learning objects. This OVL will provide teaching and learning for anytime, anywhere and anyplace access by our stakeholders. OVL also promotes independent study, self-reflection and creative thinking - qualities that will give our graduates a distinct advantage over others in an ever-changing economic landscape.

For our commitment towards world-class education, we have established an Academic Advisory Panel with very senior and experienced members from the education industry and the Industry per se. This panel (local and global) will guide us towards education excellence.

The new management team is and will introduce new programmes and is in the process of carving a strategy to find new niches and pre-empt new market demands.