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INPENS International College, Jalan Semarak
45000 Kuala Selangor Selangor

About INPENS International College

INPENS International College which was established on 19th September 1993 and was the first tertiary educational institution developed by Selangor State Government. With 15 years of experience, we have proven that INPENS provide the best study courses for its students and has the ability to compete in order to produce competent, qualified and highly skilled workers.

On Mac 2006, INPENS moved forward by fully focus on technical and industry driven programmes. These programmes provide students with vocational training, based on National Occupational Skill Standards (NOSS) recognized by Ministry of Human Resources, and quality controlled by Department of Skill Development (DSD). Students who enroll themselves in these courses will gain quality education on technical knowledge, and skill required to face the challenges of the industry both at local and international level. Students who successfully complete their course will be awarded with Malaysia Skilled Certificate (SKM - Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) both from Ministry of Human Resources and INPENS.

The current campus, located at Kuala Selangor has an infrastructure that is second to none and is equipped with the modern teaching-learning facilities. At present, INPENS is able to plan its various programmes and training with the mission to supply competent skilled workers who are both dynamic and patriotic.